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Announcement regarding GDT's ownership

17 February 2022

GDT is pleased to inform you of the announcement released today about a proposed significant change in GDT’s ownership structure.

Fonterra has reached provisional agreement on a strategic partnership with New Zealand’s Exchange (NZX) and the European Energy Exchange (EEX) to each take ownership stakes in Global Dairy Trade (GDT) alongside Fonterra.   Subject to the approval of Boards, clearance from European or any other relevant competition law authorities, and finalisation of transaction documentation, the partnership is expected to be completed mid-2022, with Fonterra, NZX and EEX each holding an equal one-third (33.33%) shareholding in GDT.

For further information contact: 
Fonterra Communications 
Philippa Norman 
Phone: +64 27 582 0492 

NZX Communications 
Georgia Thompson  
Phone: +64 27 392 9613
EEX Public Relations     
Phone: +49 341 2156-216 I +33 1 73 03 76 52 

GDT Communications 
Meredith Reeves  
Phone: +64 22 322 7527 

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