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GDT Events Milestone

21 November 2017

Global Dairy Trade’s online dairy trading platform, GDT Events, has achieved the milestone of holding its 200th Trading Event.

Eric Hansen, Director of Global Dairy Trade said that in the nine years since its launch, GDT Events had become a trusted and transparent platform for high-volume, high-quality generic dairy ingredients.

“Its unique scale underpins the reliability of the platform’s reference pricing. Since its formation in 2008, GDT Events has facilitated the sale of US$21 billion cumulative value of dairy products to buyers from over 80 countries.

“Over 45 specifications of dairy ingredients are now offered and more than 6.3 million metric tonnes (13.8 billion pounds) of dairy ingredients have been sold — enough to fill over 370,000 twenty-foot shipping containers.

“We are always looking for new ways to enhance GDT Events’ services and expand its role in online trading. The global dairy market is constantly evolving, and buyers and sellers rely on us to provide more choices for connecting the world of dairy trading.

“2017 has been a pivotal year in our growth strategy, during which we have taken some important steps towards expanding and improving the scope and quality of our services.

“Work is well-advanced on a significant platform upgrade for GDT Events, which will provide the latest digital features, greater user flexibility, and more intuitive training and support facilities. We plan to deliver the new generation platform in mid-2018.

“In September, we further broadened our services by establishing our first multi-seller pool which will offer US-sourced standard lactose products during the GDT Trading Event on 5 December 2017.

“This month, our inaugural Global Dairy Trade Buyers’ Conference held in Singapore attracted a full house of companies that buy or sell products on GDT Events or GDT Marketplace, providing an invaluable opportunity to build business relationships.

“We are also working with the European Energy Exchange to evaluate the possibility of working together to set up and operate an auction mechanism for dairy products originating in Europe — consultation on our proposal will continue into early 2018.

“Global Dairy Trade was formed to open up new opportunities for dairy trading. In the years to come, we will continue to pursue progressive ways to do business and support the needs of our customers and stakeholders,” said Mr Hansen.


For more information please contact:

Global Dairy Trade
Eric Hansen
Phone: +64 21 370 162
Email: Eric.Hansen@globaldairytrade.com

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Jay Louisson
Phone: +64 27 5600 462
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