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GDT to publish all market determined prices

15 November 2017

GDT have completed the technical changes needed to enable the publication of all market determined prices, beginning from Trading Event 200 on 21st November 2017.

These changes will increase the number of prices GDT can publish, reducing instances of “n.p.”(not published) due to the winning prices being the same as starting prices.

This follows a vote by the GDT Events Oversight Board to adopt rules allowing for changes to the publication of winning prices, as announced 24 August 2017.

Prices will be considered market-determined when there is sufficient bidding demand at some point during the trading event to cause the price for the product to increase above its starting price. This will apply even if the subsequent demand response results in the price rolling back to the starting price. 

The winning price will then be published, and included in the calculation of average prices and price indices.  The only circumstances where a winning price will not be published is if:

  • The product was not offered;
  • No product was sold; or
  • Bidding demand was such that a product’s price remained equal to the starting price throughout the entire trading event.

The relevant Trading Event Rule is provided in Part C 7.1, and can be found here.

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