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New members join GDT Events Oversight Board

20 December 2017

The GDT Events Oversight Board, which monitors the twice-monthly Trading Events held by Global Dairy Trade, has appointed three new members who will take up their positions on 1 January 2018.

The new members are:  Vince Curtin of Burt Lewis Ingredients, Hafid Brahma of Falait SPA, and Yong Zhang of Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy.

Under the Board’s Charter, the terms of all current members of the Oversight Board end on 31 December 2017

Bill Shields, Chairman of the GDT Events Oversight Board said that a mix of new and existing members representing buyers, sellers and the financial markets have been appointed for the new term.

“The Charter provides for the appointment of up to 11 members (in addition to the Chairman), with balanced representation from GDT Events bidders and sellers, and relevant financial markets.

“The current membership has four bidder members, four seller members, and three financial group members.  For the new term, we have appointed three bidder members, three seller members, and three financial markets members. 

“This decision is consistent with modern practice for board memberships of 10 people or less.  However, we have left open the possibility of appointing additional members if the Oversight Board believes this would add value to its deliberations.”

Since its establishment in December 2015, Board members have been appointed for two year terms.  At its meeting last month, the Board agreed to change its Charter to replace the current two year term with a three year term.

Mr Shields said this change would provide greater membership continuity and help retain relevant experience within the Board.

GDT Events Oversight Board

From 1 January 2018 the GDT Events Oversight Board will comprise 10 members:  Bill Shields, Chairperson;  Vince Curtin, President, Burt Lewis Ingredients, LLC., USA;  Hafid Brahma, CEO, Falait SPA, Algeria;  Yong Zhang, Vice President of Strategic Management, Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy (Group) Co. Ltd, China; Kishore Jhala, Chief Operating Officer, Amul (Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd), India;  Thomas Carstensen, Senior Vice-President, Arla Foods amba, Denmark;  Josh Sigmund, Director Sales & Transformation, Fonterra Cooperative Group Ltd, New Zealand;  Robert Chesler, Vice President, INTL FCStone Inc, USA; Nicholas Morris, Head of Derivatives, NZX Ltd, New Zealand;  Nigel Brunel, Director Financial Markets, OM Financial Ltd, New Zealand.

For more information on the GDT Events Oversight Board click here.

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