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GDT Innovation Pipeline

Global Dairy Trade is dedicated to providing information and platforms that promote efficient and fair trade in dairy and related markets globally.

We connect and empower buyers, sellers and analysts of dairy around the world through our three service offerings:

  • GDT Events publishes credible, market-based reference prices for core dairy ingredients derived from twice-monthly online auctions that provide an efficient, fair and safe way for businesses to trade generic, large-volume products.
  • GDT Marketplace is a convenient, flexible and confidential online trading platform that connects buyers and sellers, allowing them to buy or sell any dairy product, anywhere, at any time, in any quantity.
  • GDT Insight is a subscription service that provides businesses with invaluable data from historical and live GDT Events as they happen. 

Since its formation in 2008, Global Dairy Trade has pursued new ways to enhance its services and expand its role in online trading. 

Our decision to partner with the European Energy Exchange to explore the possibility of working together to set up an auctions mechanism for European dairy products is the most recent example of our determination to develop innovative solutions.

We will listen to feedback from our stakeholders about this latest proposal, to ensure that decisions we make about innovating our current GDT Events auction design and operating model are relevant to their needs.

During 2017, we have taken some other important steps towards expanding and improving the scope and quality of our services.  Work has started on a significant platform upgrade for GDT Events.  Customers told us they wanted the latest e-commerce features, greater user flexibility, and more intuitive training and support facilities.  We plan to deliver the new generation platform in mid-2018.

Buyers and sellers also asked us to investigate multi-seller pooling for homogenous products such as generic lactose from certain regions.  Following positive support received during public consultation, the GDT Events Oversight Board recently voted to adopt rule changes that enable the establishment of multi-seller pools.

The rule changes extend the benefits of credible public price discovery to a wider range of markets and products by enabling greater confidentiality of individual sellers’ commercially sensitive information while retaining the core transparency features of GDT Events.  Our multi-seller pool model will see Global Dairy Trade publish the identity of participating sellers, but no information about whether a seller is participating in a particular Trading Event, or the offer quantities of each seller.

We expect to launch our first multi-seller pool for US-sourced generic lactose products later this calendar year.  We are working closely with a number of US dairy processing companies who have indicated willingness to offer supply into this pool.  

Global Dairy Trade was formed nearly 10 years ago to create price transparency and facilitate new opportunities for dairy trading.  In the years to come, we will continue to search for more progressive ways to do business and support the needs of our customers and stakeholders.