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GDT Marketplace

Maximise your opportunity to
trade dairy products online


Watch the GDT Marketplace video to learn about our trading platform


  • Buy and sell when you want 24/7
  • Search, filter and sort within a global shop front
  • Transact quickly and intuitively


  • Create a new listing or copy and update a previous one
  • Choose the trading model format that best suits your needs
  • Buy or sell a wide range of dairy products


  • Find and easily compare products from a range of sellers
  • Buyers engage with participating sellers through the platform
  • Sellers discover new demand from a global pool of buyers


  • Achieve competitive and private pricing through closed Tenders or utilise Fixed Price listings
  • Sellers manage who can buy their product and approve eligible destinations

How GDT Marketplace works

List products for sale

Easy and intuitive

  • List products using Fixed Price or Tender
  • Intuitive drop downs and templates to make listing a product simple and easy
  • Upload relevant product and contract information
Browse and search

Global shop front

  • Discover new sellers, buyers and products
  • Promote your brand and products to the world
  • Multiple search filters available to find listings
  • Add listings to your watchlist

Simple purchasing

  • Avoid complicated or protracted negotiations
  • 3 clicks to buy from a Fixed Price listing
  • Place bids on a closed Tender listing at your convenience

Expand your options to buy and sell online


Traditionally, dairy ingredients have been traded through a direct sales team



Increasingly, businesses are looking to ecommerce solutions for the benefits of global visibility, simplified negotiation and convenience

Global Dairy Trade offers two online channels

GDT Events
GDT Marketplace