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Compare our online trading platforms

Expand your options to buy and sell online


Traditionally, dairy ingredients have been traded through a direct sales team



More and more, people are looking to ecommerce solutions for the benefits of global visibility, simplified negotiation and convenience.

Global Dairy Trade offers two online channels

GDT Events
GDT Marketplace

Global Dairy Trade is the world’s leading online solution for globally traded dairy ingredients.

GDT Marketplace provides you with a new option to buy and sell a wide range of dairy ingredients online. Any product, at any time, in any quantity, worldwide. This new channel will expand the amount of dairy traded online.

GDT Marketplace complements our existing platform, GDT Events, as seen below:

Listing format
Simultaneous clock auction of all offered products
Seller chooses listing format as Fixed Price or closed Tender
Pricing transparency
Public price discovery - all clearing prices are published immediately after each event
Private price discovery – no individual prices are published. Fixed Price listing details are only visible to approved buyers
Product types offered
Generic dairy ingredients
Any product - generic or specialty
Offer quantities
Minimum of 5,000 MT per year
Any quantity (no minimum or maximum)
Consistency of offer
Repetition of the same generic products in each Trading Event
Listings may be the same or different products each time
Twice monthly schedule set by GDT
Seller sets up own listings to run at any time
Markets served
Intended for products traded internationally
Intended for products traded internationally or domestically
When to use each channel
GDT Events is ideal when you want price transparency and wish to buy or sell high volume generic products
GDT Marketplace is ideal when you want the convenience, flexibility and privacy to buy or sell a wide range of dairy products, in any quantity