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GDT Marketplace Operating Principles

The GDT Marketplace is operated on the principles of independence and neutrality, following many of the same management protocols as GDT Events.

All participants must follow the same set of platform rules, as defined within the Participation Agreement.  These rules have been developed from best practice auction research and broad  international review of relevant competition and commercial regulations. 

Monitoring of participants’ behaviours on the platform is conducted where needed, and the platform offers a formal complaints process that enables participants to raise concerns.

GDT Marketplace is operated independently from its owner, Fonterra Cooperative Group, with separate offices, discrete information systems and full operational autonomy.  Separation protocols are documented in a Confidentiality Deed that all GDT staff is required to sign and follow.   

Both platform rules and separation protocols are monitored via a robust internal compliance framework. GDT Marketplace Particpation Agreement