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Leprino Foods

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Who we are

Leprino Foods has been producing high-quality dairy products since 1950. We are the largest mozzarella cheese maker in the world, and leading producer of whey protein, lactose, and other dairy ingredients. Our cheese and dairy nutrition products are found in over 40 countries and we employ over 4000 employees worldwide.

Despite our growth and success, we’re still a family-owned company and remain committed to the same core values and entrepreneurial spirit that earned us our reputation as a dairy industry pioneer and trusted partner to top food and nutrition brands worldwide.

Where we are based

Our journey began in Denver, Colorado in 1950 as a family-owned business, where we still reside today. Locations also include nine U.S manufacturing facilities, two global joint ventures in Latin America and Europe, and sales offices in Asia.

Our products on GDT Marketplace

  • Cheese

As the world’s largest producer of mozzarella and pizza cheese, we’re focused on making pasta filata cheese - cheese that is made through a patented process of heating and stretching. All our cheese is made with the highest-quality ingredients, including fresh, Grade A milk.

Shredded & diced 
Bulk Ribbon

  • Nutrition

As a leading producer of lactose, whey protein and dairy ingredients, our nutrition products deliver the wholesome building blocks that enable healthy lifestyles. Our products are made from a high-quality whey stream that comes from the production of our own uncoloured mozzarella cheese. These products feature a naturally light colour and superior flavour and aroma profiles. Naturally made, we never use bleaching or chemical processing. Our newest nutrition innovation, pure micellar casein, is made directly from micro-filtered Grade A milk.

Infant Edible Lactose 
Refined Edible Lactose 
Sweet Whey 
Whey Protein

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