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How GDT Marketplace works

Linking buyers and sellers of dairy ingredients globally

List products for sale
  • Create or copy a listing

    Create a new listing or copy from a previous one.

  • Configure the listing

    Select trading model and duration of listing. Define product and shipping details, eligible destinations, quantity and pricing information. Attach product information.

  • Approve buyers

    Select buyers within eligible destinations. Other potential buyers can seek seller approval through private Q&A.

  • Publish listing

    Preview and edit your listing prior to publishing. Sellers can add new buyers throughout the listing duration.

Create or copy a listing
Configure the listing
Approve buyers
Publish listing
  • Purchase from Fixed Price listings

    Prices are visible to all approved buyers. Enter quantity required at the listed price and confirm your purchase.

  • Bid on Tender listings

    Buyers place a sealed bid, setting the maximum quantity and maximum price desired and minimum acceptable quantity. Buyers can submit multiple quantity/price combinations. Winners are determined by automated algorithm and all bidders are notified of their outcome. Prices remain confidential between seller and winning buyer.

  • Reporting

    Sellers can extract reports for all of their listings and results, and buyers can view their bid history and results on screen.

Bid on Tender listings