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Become a bidder on GDT Events

Benefits of becoming a GDT Events bidder:

  • You gain access to our free, easy-to-use platform for purchasing dairy ingredients; no fees, deposits or other upfront charges required
  • You can be assured you are paying the fair market price
  • You select the month of purchase to manage your exposure to price risk
  • You can further manage price risk by bidding on products for the same delivery month over successive Trading Events.

Apply to become a bidder

You must be a registered bidder before you may purchase products on GDT Events.  

Please note: The price results of all GDT Trading Events are available for public viewing on the Results page, and further information is available through GDT Insight subscription packs. It is not necessary to register as a bidder to access these results.

GDT is unable to register bidders from countries subject to US/UN sanctions.  If your country of incorporation is not available in the form below, this indicates that it may be subject to sanctions. Please email GDT at the following email: help@globaldairytrade.info.

Please complete the form below to apply to become a GDT Events bidder.  All details must be entered in English.

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I confirm I intend to actively bid for products on the GDT Events trading platform
I confirm I have read and understood the GDT Events Participation Agreement
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Is this company, or an affiliated or associated company, involved in the manufacture of commodity dairy products?

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It is useful for your company that GDT have two contacts on file; please advise details of a second contact person.

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GDT Events Participation Agreement

I have read, and understood, the terms of the GDT Events Participation Agreement and the GDT Trading Events Rules
I intend to create a binding contract between Global Dairy Trade and the entity whose details you have inserted in the Participant Details box above. A binding contract will be formed once Global Dairy Trade has confirmed to the participant in writing that it has been accepted as a bidder participant
I am authorised to bind the participant

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