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Help for bidders

Contact GDT at any time

If you need assistance at any time, email help@globaldairytrade.info 

Call for immediate bidding assistance 

If you need assistance logging into the Bidding Website or placing bids during an auction, you can call the telephone helpdesk, available 2 hours before the start of each Trading Event:

You call collect +1.617.425.3088, or use one of the following toll-free numbers below:

Learn more about how the auction works

GDT provides a range of instructional videos and user guides to help you understand how the auction works.  Videos and user guides cover the following topics:

  • How to get bid limits and eligibility from sellers
  • How to prepare for a Trading Event
  • How to navigate the Bidding Website
  • How to place manual and auto-bids
  • Understanding rollbacks
  • How to set user preferences

All registered bidders can access this material by logging into MyGDT.