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Results from the latest GDT Pulse Auction


Average price (USD/MT, FAS)

Summary of Results
Number of Winning Bidders
Number of Bidding Rounds
Duration of GDT Pulse Auction (hours:mins)
Minimum Supply (MT)
Maximum Supply (MT)

Number of participating bidders


Quantity sold (MT)

Whole Milk Powder Average Prices

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Individual Seller's Average Prices (USD/MT, FAS)

' – ' indicates that the product was not offered.
‘n.s.’ (not sold) indicates that no product was sold.
‘n.p.’ (not published) indicates that the winning price was assessed as being non-market determined, and therefore GDT Pulse cannot publish the winning price. A Winning Price is assessed as being non-market determined in any circumstance where bidding demand during the GDT Pulse Auction was insufficient to cause the Product’s Announced Price to increase above its Starting Price. Conversely, a Winning Price is assessed as being ‘market determined’ in any circumstance where bidding demand was sufficient to cause an increase in Announced Price, irrespective of whether bidding demand was or was not sufficient to result in the Announced Price becoming the Winning Price at the close of the GDT Pulse Auction.
'n.a.' for an Average Price means that no prices were available for that contract period (for the reasons above), and therefore no average price was applicable.

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