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Become a seller on GDT Events

Why become a seller on GDT Events?

GDT sellers enjoy unprecedented market exposure through our twice-monthly Trading Events. With access to hundreds of bidders from more than 60 markets, our sellers can be confident that their products sell at the market price.  If you want to market your dairy products globally using a reliable and efficient sales channel, talk to us about becoming a seller on  GDT Events.

A seller’s case study

Following 18 months successful trading on GDT Events, Arla Foods Ingredients (AFI), a leading supplier of natural whey ingredients, talks about the success they have had in establishing a reliable public price for this important dairy ingredient.  GDT Events has provided AFI with an alternative sales channel, access to an increased number of lactose buyers, and prices that provide confidence in the market for European lactose.

To see AFI’s case study and comments from senior executive click here or below.

Arla Foods Ingredients, Lactose, Nov16 PDF

Arla Foods Ingredients, Lactose, Nov16 VIDEO

What being a GDT seller means for you

Join the best…

You join market leaders from across the world to take advantage of the global reach of our Trading Events.

Access the global market …

As well as retaining and enhancing relationships with your existing customers, you have full access to our large pool of bidders from around the globe. You decide which bidders you are willing to trade with, and you can promote your products directly to them.

Focus on growing value…

Our closing prices provide a foundation for each seller to measure their value added activities. You can be confident that your product has sold at the market price, and focus your attention on creating additional value for your business.

Strengthen your customer relationships…

You strengthen your relationships with bidders through regular contact without the bargaining tension often present in other bidder/seller relationships.

You keep control…

You retain full control over your sales and customer strategies.

Keep full credit control by deciding who you sell to and how much product to sell.

Deal directly with each bidder for all contracting and delivery matters, retaining control of important customer relationships.

Become a seller

What you have to do to join...

Before registering as a GDT seller, you need to commit to making this sales channel work for your products. As part of your commitment, we need you to: 

  • Offer at least 5,000MT per annum of product through GDT Events
  • Provide evidence satisfactory that your product offering has a reasonable chance of commercial success
  • Be willing to comply with the GDT Trading Event Rules
  • Pay a deposit upon acceptance as a GDT seller and transaction fees based on your offer quantities.  The deposit is a prepayment that is rebated against future transaction fees. 
  • View the fee structure for sellers offering products on GDT Events here
  • Download the latest copy of the GDT Events Participation Agreement here

If you have dairy products you wish to market to our registered bidders and can commit to our requirements, we would welcome your enquiry. 

Apply now to become a seller on GDT Events

Hear what our current sellers think...

“We would recommend GDT Events to sellers who are looking to expand their customer base and have consistent product to offer.”

Luis Cubel. VP Commercial. Arla Foods Ingredients

“Joining GDT Events has enabled us to market our products globally to hundreds of buyers all around the world, in an efficient and transparent way.   We can see Amul ‘s credibility has already improved in the global market through our association with GDT.”

R.S .Sodhi, Managing Director, Amul