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Become a seller on GDT Events

Our twice-monthly GDT Events auction service connects buyers and sellers of globally traded dairy products worldwide to trade US$ 2-3 billion annually. This represents over 600,000 MT of product each year, clearing more than 95% of the total quantity offered.

By registering your products on GDT Events, you gain access to a host of advantages that can help boost your sales and expand your market reach. GDT Events resolves the persistent uncertainty around which buyers/regions are willing to pay the most, and which products are in highest demand, in an industry characterised by continually shifting global forces and price volatility.

Key benefits:

Global exposure: GDT Events reaches buyers from all corners of the world, providing your products with international visibility. This exposure can help you tap into new markets and diversify your customer base.

Market price: Our sellers can be confident that their products will sell at the market price. Our closing prices provide a basis for each seller to create additional value for their business “off platform”, while relieving customer engagements of price tension.

Build resilience against market volatility: GDT can unlock access to the companies looking to source your dairy ingredients, support your channel diversification strategy, and help you to plan and de-risk financial and operational KPIs, while allowing you to get on with executing your value-add growth strategy.

Access new buyers: You get immediate access to over 300 approved bidders from more than 70 countries.

Maintain control: You decide which bidders you are willing to trade with, and you can promote your products directly to them. You decide if your individual prices can be published, while also contributing to regional average prices. You maintain complete authority over your sales strategies and customer relationships.


Before registering as a GDT seller, we need you to: 

  • View the fee structure for sellers offering products on GDT Events here
  • Download the latest copy of the GDT Events Participation Agreement here

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If you wish to learn more and discover the GDT advantage in trading, get in touch with us at marketing@globaldairytrade.com