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How GDT Events work

Help for bidders

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Learn how Trading Events operate

GDT Events provide a mechanism for connecting buyers and sellers from around the world. It pulls product on sale and brings demand to bear on that supply, twice monthly.

By doing this, GDT Events discover what that fair market price is, and protects both parties to the transaction from getting it wrong.

See the Summary of Price Discovery Process paper for a summary of how winning prices are discovered on the GDT Events trading platform.

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About the independent Trading Manager

CRA International, Inc. d/b/a Charles River Associates (CRA), is our independent GDT Events Trading Manager and conducts all the Trading Events. CRA is an economics, financial and management consulting services firm listed on the NASDAQ and based in Boston, USA.

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Reference Material

Reference material is available to assist all participants in their understanding of GDT Events.  This includes:

  • GDT Events operations
  • Summary of Price Discovery Process
  • GDT Price Index
  • Regional average prices
  • System requirements
  • Cream grouping
  • General


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