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How GDT Events work

Help for bidders

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Learn how Trading Events operate

Trading Events start with a pre-announced starting price.

Trading Events are conducted as ascending-price clock auctions run over several bidding rounds.  In each Trading Event a quantity of product is offered for sale at a pre-announced starting price.  

See the Summary of Price Discovery Process paper for a summary of how winning prices are discovered on the GDT Events trading platform.

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About the independent Trading Manager

CRA International, Inc. d/b/a Charles River Associates (CRA) is a leading global economic consulting firm with expertise in advising clients in a range of areas, including auctions and competitive bidding.

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Reference Material

Reference material is available to assist all participants in their understanding of GDT Events.  

• GDT Events operations and anti-trust environment
• Summary of Price Discovery Process
• GDT Price Index
• System requirements
• Cream grouping
• US Lactose pool
• General

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