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Reference Material

Reference material is available to assist all participants in their understanding of GDT Events.  

GDT Events operations and anti-trust environment

GDT works with a number parties and interested stakeholders to fulfil its role in discovering market-based reference prices for internationally-traded dairy commodities. This paper outlines key aspects of the GDT Events trading process, including the role of GDT as Market Administrator and the independent Trading Manager, and describes the anti-trust legal environment within which GDT Events occur. 

Summary of Price Discovery Process

The following is a summary of how winning prices are discovered on the GDT Events trading platform. Click here.

GDT Price Index

The GDT Price Index uses a weighted-average of the percentage changes in prices.  GDT Price Indices are used to avoid the bias of a simple weighted average price, and to give a more accurate reflection of the price movements between Trading Events.  More details on the calculations can be downloaded here.

System requirements

IT requirements

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Cream grouping

The Cream Group Overview NOVEMBER 2016 VERSION 1.1


Online Training Modules

We encourage bidders to complete the modules in the order provided, in order to fully understand how the auction works.


 1. Securing Bid Limits & Eligibility


 2. Navigating the Bidding Website


 3. Preparing for a Trading Event

 4. Bidding 


  5. Auto-bidding 

 6. Understanding Rollbacks




Online training and bidder reference material is also available to bidders on MyGDT.  


How GDT Events work?

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