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European Seller, Arla Foods, Introducing Mozzarella

9 April 2024

GDT is pleased to share that the availability of European-origin products available on GDT Events continues to grow. In September, our European seller, Arla Foods, will begin offering Mozzarella blocks on GDT Events. 

Arla Foods, a dairy cooperative owned by more than 9,700 farmers in seven countries in Northern Europe, has participated in 277 Trading Events since joining GDT in 2012.

If you're interested in purchasing Arla Mozzarella, please contact gdt@arlafoods.com to discuss eligibility requirements.

About Arla Foods

Arla Foods is a global dairy cooperative owned by more than 9,700 milk producers in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Arla Foods aim to grow the value of the farmer owners’ milk by developing the position as a leading global dairy cooperative.

Today, more than 20,000 colleagues, ensure that the cooperative offer dairy that can be part of a nutritious, healthy and natural diet. Arla Foods’ products are sold under the well-known brands Arla®, Lurpak®, Castello® and Puck® in more than 100 countries.

About Global Dairy Trade 

Global Dairy Trade (GDT) is the world's leading trading platform for core dairy products and supports efficient dairy derivative trading.

The GDT Events auction service is the world’s pre-eminent price discovery platform for globally traded dairy products, bringing together buyers and sellers of dairy ingredients from 70 countries to trade US$2-3 billion annually. GDT’s credible, market-based reference prices play an important role in allowing buyers and sellers to trade with confidence in global and regional dairy markets.

Data generated from the auction process is available through our GDT Insight subscription service to support the global dairy industry and associated financial trading.

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