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GDT invites feedback on proposed changes to the GDT Trading Event Rules

19 October 2023

Global Dairy Trade (GDT) is the world's leading trading platform for core dairy products and supports efficient dairy derivative trading.  

Our strategic plan focusses on building liquidity, attracting a larger and broader global supply volume to our GDT Events platform, and enhancing the agility and efficiency of our operations and service development.  

To entice new sellers, we are expanding our sales and marketing resources while concurrently exploring strategies to reduce entry barriers and strengthen our value proposition. 

We propose making several changes to the GDT Trading Event Rules.  These changes are aimed at ensuring that our rules and incentives are tailored to accommodate the diverse range of new sellers expected to join GDT in the coming years.  
A detailed explanation of the proposed changes related to seller entry requirements, bidder and seller participation categories, and various miscellaneous rule adjustments, can be found here. 

We invite you to provide feedback on the proposed changes via email at help@globaldairytrade.info, using the subject header: “Feedback on Proposed Rule Changes 2023.”  Please submit your feedback by Wednesday 15th November 2023. 

The GDT Events Oversight Board has reviewed the proposed changes and will consider any feedback received prior to voting on the changes. 

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