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Established in 1995, DairyAmerica is a co-operative of producer-owned dairy co-ops in the United States, supplying quality dairy ingredients nationally, and internationally, to an ever-expanding and diverse customer base.  DairyAmerica’s mission is to utilize its unparalleled global knowledge, operational expertise, and exceptional relationship management skills of its diverse team to market its premium dairy ingredients.

DairyAmerica markets 100% of the milk powder produced by its members.  Our owners are Agri-Mark, California Dairies, and O-AT-KA Milk Producers. DairyAmerica’s member plants are equipped with the latest technology, conduct ongoing plant, product and process improvements, and maintain a comprehensive quality control program.  The commitment DairyAmerica receives from its members makes it possible for DairyAmerica to remain the world’s largest NFDM/SMP federated marketing company, selling in excess of 400,000 MT per year throughout the world.