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GDT Trading Event Rules

The GDT Trading Event Rules aim to ensure fairness and transparency in all GDT Events processes.  The rules are part of a legal binding framework that includes Participation Agreement, Charter for the Oversight Board, Rulings Panel and the supply agreements of each seller. 

The rules are prefaced by guiding principles that promote the objectives of independence, neutrality and transparency.  These are used to assess proposed modifications to the rules and governance structures, and to inform the administration and operation of GDT Events.

The rules cover registration, participation, administration and the operation of GDT Events.  They specify what information may be published or disclosed to specific bidders and sellers, and what must remain confidential.  The rules comprise of a Participation Agreement that bidders and sellers must sign before participating on GDT Events, and the charter governing the operation of the GDT Events Oversight Board and Rulings Panel.

The GDT Events Oversight Board has approved rule changes to the GDT Trading Event Rules to incorporate GDT Pulse while a trial of the new service is undertaken.

Click here to download the GDT Trading Event Rules.