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Global Dairy Trade Annual Report

We welcome you to download our 2021 Global Dairy Trade Annual Report, providing key trading statistics for the year.

As with many other businesses, 2021 was a challenging year for the GDT team as we navigated business as usual during the Covid-19 pandemic. We simultaneously completed some major developments and focused on progressing new priorities for the coming years.

GDT Events achieved an average clearance rate of 96% of offered quantity during 2021, resulting in a total traded quantity of 626,747 metric tonnes.

The twice-monthly auction attracted an average of 170 active bidders per Trading Event, with a total of 304 bidders participating at least once during 2021.

Our Annual Report also includes a comprehensive range of GDT statistics, including: 

  • Quantity sold and prices achieved 
  • Supply and demand analysis 
  • Bidder concentration analysis 
  • Regional breakdowns 

Download 2021 Global Dairy Trade Annual Report


For more information please contact:

Eric Hansen  /  Director, Global Dairy Trade

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