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Download historical data for GDT Events

Historical data from GDT Events is now only available via GDT Insight packages

An expanded Historical Data File that includes significant new information not previously published is available now by subscribing to one of the three GDT Insight subscription packages.

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GDT publishes 2023 Annual Report

We welcome you to download our 2023 Global Dairy Trade Annual Report, providing key trading statistics for the year.

What is the Average Price Per Region table?

The Average Price Per Region table displays the quantity-weighted average of market determined winning prices at the Trading Event. Sellers and products included in each regional average price are detailed in the Explanatory Notes below.

What is the GDT Price Index?

Learn how the Index is calculated, and why it might differ from a simple comparison between average prices.

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Three GDT Insight packages give you access to powerful up-to-date data and historical results from the twice-monthly GDT Events, as they unfold.