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GDT Events Oversight Board

GDT Events Oversight Board is an independent oversight body established with an objective to ensure that the trading platform is operated and developed in accordance with the Guiding Principles and to represent the interests of the parties trading on the GDT Events platform.

Access the Charter for the GDT Events Oversight Board and Rulings Panel

The Board comprises an independent chairperson and a balanced representation of GDT participants and financial market members. Oversight Board members meet several times per year to monitor GDT’s compliance with appropriate governance practices and to vote on any proposed changes to the GDT Trading Event Rules.


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Bill Shields, B Econ (Hons) Qld, M Ec ANU

Bill Shields was appointed inaugural chair in March 2016. Mr Shields has extensive financial markets and governance experience and brings a deep understanding of commodity markets from his involvement in the electricity and gas trading platforms in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Mr Shields understands regulation and market development having held senior international economist and director roles. Mr Bill Shields is a former director on the Capital Markets Board of the Queensland Treasury Corporation where he also served on the Funding and Markets Committee and as chair of the Accounts & Audit Committee. Previously he held senior economist and director roles at companies such as Macquarie Bank, Reserve Bank of Australia and the International Monetary Fund and the Treasury in Canberra.

The Chairperson is an independent third party who is not a current representative or affiliate of GDT, the Trading Manager, any seller, bidder or financial member.


The stakeholder members of the GDT Events Oversight Board comprise three GDT bidder members, three GDT seller members, and three financial market members. 

The latter reflects the role of GDT prices in the SGX-NZX’s Dairy Derivatives Market.

Appointments are for three years and are based on participant type, trading size and regional location.  The current term of the chairperson ends on 31 March 2025 while the terms of all other members end on 31 December 2024.



Role of the GDT Events Oversight Board

The primary objective of the GDT Events Oversight Board is to ensure the trading platform is operated and developed in accordance with the Guiding Principles listed in the GDT Trading Event Rules. 

The role of the Board includes:

  • Identifying and proposing changes to the rules and the operations of the Trading Events
  • Approving changes to the rules proposed by GDT
  • Responding to any notifications from, or requests for consultation by, GDT
  • Monitoring GDT’s compliance with governance practices relevant to the operation of the trading platform
  • In respect of the chairperson of the GDT Events Oversight Board, convening an independent Rulings Panel to determine complaints, and
  • Establishing working groups to consider specific issues and to develop recommendations regarding the rules or operation of the trading platform for consideration by the GDT Events Oversight Board

GDT Governance Structure

GDT’s governance structure, illustrated in the diagram below, is designed to provide compliance rigour and effective representation for dairy industry seller, buyers and related financial markets.   

Rules governing the GDT Events Oversight Board

The GDT Events Oversight Board is established under Part B of the GDT Trading Event Rules, with rules relating to the selection of members and conduct of meetings detailed in the Charter for the GDT Events Oversight Board and Rulings Panel.

The Charter requires that members act in the best interests of the GDT trading platform and that they observe competition law requirements. These requirements prohibit members from having access to or discussing with other members, any non-public information relating to Trading Events.

Members are prohibited from discussing commercially sensitive or confidential information relating to a member’s business or any proposal that would unfairly affect any bidder or seller.  The GDT Events Oversight Board members never receive any non-public information that will give them an advantage over other participants in Trading Events.

Governance Principles

The GDT Events Oversight Board adopted the following Governance Principles to ensure that the conduct of Trading Events is consistent with best practice governance for providers of market-based reference prices.

GDT Governance Principles


Minutes of GDT Events Oversight Board meetings

The discussions and decisions made by the GDT Events Oversight Board are published following each Board meeting.  The minutes of each meeting are provided in this section.

22 March 2016 

24 April 2016

18 October 2016

23 April 2017

8 November 2017 

16 May 2018

23 October 2018

08 May 2019

23 October 2019

27 April 2020

28 October 2020

20 April 2021

3 November 2021

24 February 2022

10 May 2022